Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rockefeller - Do It 2 Nite  

Yesterday I mentioned a cover version I had heard of the September single We Can Do It, and since then I have tracked down an mp3 and as I am lovely I am posting it here for you. My research has also revealed that it is not in fact a cover of September but a remix of a song called Take your Time (Do It Right) by the SOS Band, whoever they are (hopefully something to do with Abba), so I guess the September song must have been a cheeky cover of that in the first place. I have also learned that this single is quite popular in Australia and was released in the Netherlands, although I've never heard of them before.

Monday, June 27, 2005

September - Satellites  

The very first song I posted on Into The Groove was September's 2004 Euro hit La La La (Never Give It Up), which was one of 3 hits she had last year, best known in her home country of Sweden and various Eastern European countries which also took a shine to her. I had almost forgotten about her until this weekend when first I heard a new cover version of her single We Can Do It on PWL Radio (if anyone knows who sings it I'd love to know), then later listening to Soundic Radio I heard her brand new single and this is it! If you like Elize, Natasha Thomas or the new Tina Cousins single (or all three as any sane person does), you will love this song, or even if you've never heard any of them but like a bit of girly dance-pop every now and then, this song is for you.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

ITG Birthday Faves: Gavin Degraw - Just Friends  

Gavin Degraw is on his way up. All he needs is a TV advert to be shown in every ad break for the next 3 weeks and he'll be no.1 in the album charts, hopefully dethroning Coldplay. I posted this song over a year ago and I am still a huge fan - I even saw him live a few weeks ago! Since I posted this he has also become huge in his home country of America, although he has only released one single since (his current hit Chariot). One rather sad thing I found out this week is that Just Friends is one of the b-sides for the UK I Don't Wanna Be single, which is released on Monday (so BUY IT!), so it seems highly unlikely now that it will ever be a single. This is a big shame cos I really believe he would become an absolutely huge star if he released this song. It's soooo good and just the kind of song I can imagine doing phenomenally well. It's very special.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hitomi - Japanese Girl  

This is what Gwen would sound like if she actually was Japanese. Chances are she'd look a bit like Hitomi too because on the basis of her official site, she is my new style icon. She seems to be quite a big star in Japan as her current album is a 10 year anniversary special. She also appears to sell her very own rainbow-coloured false nails, which has to be the most fabulous bit of merchandising in a long time. If only more pop stars took a leaf out of these Japanese pop girls' books, I think the world would be a much acer place! Also, most importantly of all, this song is amazing, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And also more than slightly insane. Click here to read the lyrics, since you probably won't be able to tell whether she's singing in English or not most of the time (it's actually a mix of both Engish and Japanese). I promise you, if you like pop music even in the slightest (and particularly if you like What You Waiting For cos the 2 songs sound remarkably alike), you will LOVE this song!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Within Temptation - Angels  

This is the new single by Within Temptation and it is as fantastically epic as ever. It seems to be getting a release in Sweden which is good news as I've not seen any of their songs being released there before (Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, Swedish readers!). It is the third single from their latest album The Silent Force, following the rockathon Stand My Ground and the ballad Memories. They are a fantastic group. Their slower songs can be a bit samey but they make up for it by being totally different to everything else in the pop charts at the moment. If only they were in our charts!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

ITG Birthday Faves: Within Temptation - Running Up That Hill  

This is a fantastic cover of the Kate Bush song released by the Dutch goth-pop group Within Temptation. It's quite possibly my favourite cover of all time, making an already ace song even acer!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Precious - Rewind  

Now here is a true underrated classic of modern pop. Precious would be known to most as "that girl band from Eurovision" or "Jenny out of Atomic Kitten's old band", yet true pop fans know them best for this, their extremely poptastic second single. It was released in the days where it was basically the rules for pop songs to be written in Scadinavia or at least sound like it. I'm not sure which category Rewind comes under, but it's certainly one of the best pop songs of that time. Their other singles were very good too and they even got to release an album, which is now pretty hard to find but I have a copy of it and it is actually rather ace! Certainly a million times better than anything Atomic Kitten have done since Jenny joined, and as good as before the Kerry/Jenny swap. It's not just Jenny who has stayed in the limelight, although she has been the most successful. Anja (next to Jenny) is a model and ex-girlfriend of Duncan from Blue and the bubbly blonde of the group, Sophie, who seems to be the nicest of the bunch, is now one of the main CBBC presenters.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bananarama - Love Bite  

Bananarama are BACK! And even more exciting is that this song from their new album sounds like a duet between Annie and Rachel Stevens! They have a new single called Move In My Direction out in July which I won't post because a) people need to buy it and b) this song is much better (although MIMD is very good too - the mature and far superior version of Ride It by Geri). Listening to the clips of their greatest hits compilation on the HMV web site has reminded me what a fantastic back-catalogue they have. They are truly poptastic and well done to them for making such a relevant and good quality comeback in 2005 - few acts manage it.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Becca - Come And Get My Love  

I only downloaded this song in the first place because I'd heard a rumour that Rachel from K-otic did the vocals for it before K-otic. It was supposed to have been sung by a female singer (or not, as the case may be) called Becca, about whom I can't seem to find any information or pictures, but the rumour was that she didn't sing the song and it was in fact Rachel on the track. Anyway, the song is dance-pop in a style most similar to Alice Deejay and although I am a fan of their songs, I think this is way better. If you like Europop you will definitely love this. It's like a hidden classic that never was. Amazon suggests she released this and another single, You Make Me Feel (More and More) in the US and I've found that and yet another song called Tearing Up on my trusty p2p network. They both sound a lot like Come And Get My Love which suggests either Rachel sang them all or it really was Becca. I also just read on an Amazon review that the singer on You Make Me Feel is actually a man, but it is clearly not - how confusing can this get?! If anyone knows the truth I'd love to hear from you! As I couldn't find a photo of Becca, here's one of Rachel.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

ITG Birthday Faves: K-otic - I Really Don't Think So  

This was only the 8th song I ever posted, in the days before the groovy black and purple layout or even the cute little buttons below each post. Here is a direct link to buy Bulletproof from CD Wow and it is also available here along with many other treasures of a K-otic nature!

Happy birthday to Into The Groove!  

Well actually, it's not Into The Groove's birthday today, but it is Dirrrty Pop's, and that has reminded me that I forgot to mention ITG's 1st birthday last month. I've decided it is better to celebrate late than not at all, so I am going to do so with some gifts for you - my 5 favourite songs that I have posted in the 1st year of Into The Groove. It will be a tough choice but I will manage it somehow and I promise you all the songs I am going to post are very very ace.

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