Friday, June 29, 2007

Miley Cyrus - See You Again  

You may already know Miley as Hannah Montana. This track comes from the 2nd CD of her new double album - CD1 is Hannah Montan Series 2 Soundtrack, CD2 is Meet Miley Cyrus. Considering she's an American star who has sold absolutely loads of CDs workdwide, and this one is sure to be another huge hit, I must say I would expect better production than this, but the aceness of this song (especially the chorus) still shines through. Given to Xenomania or someone Swedish, this track could be amazing. I feel like it needs more music behind the chorus, or something like that. It's pure pop but somehow dark and more grown-up than you'd expect from a Disney star. The chorus has one brilliant line: "My best friend Leslie said, oh she's just being Miley". I wonder if her best friend is really called Leslie? I do hope so. You should also track down Let's Dance, which is very Blog 27!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse - Valerie  

I had no idea this song even existed until I heard it on a celebratory end of term night out last week, and considering I'm not a particular fan of either Amy or the Zutons, I didn't expect to love it as instantly and obsessively as I did! It's so much fun and brilliant to dance to. This has to be a single. Mark Ronson really is proving his genius at the moment - it's interesting when singers cover other current acts' songs, but when they're done as well as this it works even better because the song is simultaneously new and familiar. It brings a fresh take on songs we love, or makes a song like this, which is normally ruined by the annoying original singer, brilliant for having someone with a great voice singing it. It's also better than the usual Amy Winehouse songs for me, cos it's much jollier and poppier.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vannessa Hudgens - Make You Mine  

Come Back To Me was quite a grower, but apart from that I was overall unimpressed by the contents of Miss Hudgens' debut solo album. That was until I heard this bonus track, which is totally ace and poptastic! The sound is best described as Rachel Stevens meets Lilyjets, an excellent combination if ever there was one. There's something very cute about Vanessa, but her sweetness can be almost sickly. Still, if she made more songs like this and less outdated faux-r'n'b, she could be a wonderful pop star. Promotions for High School Musical 2 (which premieres on the Disney Channel USA on August 17th) are already kicking in over the Atlantic, and I do hope it'll be posted on the Internet soon after cos I'm not patient enough to wait til it's on DVD or UK TV!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad  

The Rihanna album really is as good as everyone says, and deserves every bit of hype. I'm spoilt for choice with which song to post, but I've gone for this one, as it was the one that made me buy the CD as soon as I heard it. It's like Beyoncé's Irreplaceable but even better, also reminding me of TLC. Rihanna has crossed over from r'n'b/reggaeton to become one of the best popstars on the planet. Who could have guessed from Pon De Replay that she could become so monumentally ace? And best of all, it's not just us tasteful pop fans who are appreciating her newfound greatness, but the whole world as Umbrella takes it by storm! This is a great victory for pop.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chungking - Slow It Down  

I knew that Chungking had worked with Richard X, and as soon as I heard this track I knew (although I don't think it's actually been confirmed yet) it must be the product of that partnership, because a) it's fantastic, and b) it sounds like Kylie channeling Annie. If she hadn't opened her last album with a single called Slow, I would have suggested that everyone who has heard this so far had their memory wiped, so that Kylie could release it as her comeback single. She wouldn't even have to re-record the vocals, since it already sounds so much like her, particularly the way she sounded on I Believe In You. I love the lyrics and the Kylie-esque coyness. I don't know if I will be buying the Chungking album (the others I've heard haven't struck such a chord, and I was never quite on board with Goldfrapp anyway) but I'll definitely be listening out for the other tracks they've done with his royal X-ness.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

E-Type - True Believer  

I feel a bit bad sharing this because it's a new single, but it needs to be heard by the world outisde of Sweden, because it is quite simply amazing! Imagine the musical equivalent of eating fizzy sweets on a really fast rollercoaster, and there you have True Believer. Turn it up loud and sing and dance along, soon you will be as obsessed with this song as I am. E-Type is one of the most bizarre popstars on Earth, looking like a old smelly rocker, but making the cheesiest and best Eurodance music around. If you like this check out Life, Olympia and The Predator, among many others.

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