Monday, November 22, 2004

Freeform Five - Ask Me Tomorrow  

Here is the 2nd song I'm posting from the Strangest Things album and as you will soon see it sounds like a totally different band. This one sounds like John Mayer if he was good and fun, or Maroon 5 with a different singer, but there is of course the tinge of electro fabulousness present in all their acetacular songs. Freefrom Five can even make mid-tempo guitar music sound incredible. This is probably one of the more serious songs on the album (no mention of 'your sorry ass' or 'panties'), but still is about having fun and putting off anything stressful til tomorrow. There's also a part where Cabba, who sings this one, sounds just like Jake Shears and there's another bit near the end where you think it's gonna break into Comfortably Numb, then it carries on in it's usual jolly singalong way. I still can't get over how good this album is and I doubt I ever will - all I can say is buy it now! These 2 songs are in no way representative of the whoke thing, just 2 of 12 completely different but brilliant in every way tracks.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Freeform Five - Let Me Down  

Here is the first of 2 songs from Freeform Five's fabulous new CD Strangest Things, as reviewed here, that I plan to post. They are a British (at least, I think they are) pop quartet (not quintet as the name suggests!) led by producer, multi-instrumentalist and chief songwriter Anu Pillai along with vocalists Cabba, Tamara Barnett-Herrin and Nick Decosemo. This track is one of the electro-pop tracks, which I can easily imagine the wonderful Annie singing on a particularly soulful day or perhaps Mousse T on a really genius day. In fact, it sounds like a duet between Annie and Mousse T which could never be bad!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Universal Poplab ft. Håkan Hellström - We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful  

As well as being the greatest-named band in pop, Universal Poplab are also Swedish and fantastically ace. This is the mainstream-electropop version of a Morrissey hit that has got them noticed most so far, but they have many other equally fabulous songs, my personal favourites being Bedhead and Dice Roller from their self-titled debut album. The band is made up of flamboyant singer Christer (of Swedish radio P3 fame) and beautiful producer Paul (long-haired one in the photo), and this song features the gorgeous Swedish pop star and Christer's childhood friend Håkan Hellström.

Therese - Time  

You will have heard Therese Grankvist on the recent top 10 hit Put 'Em High by Stonebridge and their new one Take Me Away, but you may not know that she's already a minor pop star in her home country of Sweden (although she was born in London). She joined a band called Dromhus in 1997 who, like all the best Swedish pop acts, competed in the Melodifestivalen and just missed out on Eurovision by coming 2nd. This song was released there in November 2003 and even if you couldn't care less about her songs with Stonebridge, you must download this because it's one of the catchiest and overall best Euro dance-pop songs of the past year. I love the "Tikatikatimekatimekatime" bits and the sharp bambambams of the backing track and the way it speeds full force into the chorus and how she says "you" like "yo" and of course the sirens! It's so catchy and so much stronger than most of the flimsy dance-pop in the charts at the moment. I actually think it would make a great single for Dannii Minogue, or even Kylie although it's not really her current style. If Therese doesn't release this in the UK then someone else should, although preferably not Lisa Scott-Lee...

Monday, November 08, 2004

Girls Aloud - Graffiti My Soul  

I wasn't planning to put any GA album tracks on here - in fact after the first 3 early leaks I had decided not to listen to anymore until the release, but the reviews of Graffiti My Soul sounded so promising that I couldn't help but download it. I'm very impressed with what I hear - how they can release I'll Stand By You when they have this on their album I'll never understand. It's upbeat electropop as we expect from the Aloud but less girly than usual, this is certainly the most credible, for want of a less pretentious word, they have sounded. But it still manages to get stuck in my brain as much as all their past hits combined! If you are at all unsure about buying the new GA album, one listen to this will get you waiting at the shop door in 3 weeks' time.

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