Thursday, December 23, 2004

Darren Hayes - Last Christmas  

Here's something to get you in the festive spirit if you're not already. There has been countless covers of Wham's no.2 hit (beaten by Band Aid!) Last Christmas in the past few years but this one recorded in the Savage Garden days for a Rosie O'Donnell charity CD in the US is my favourite by miles. It may not be as deep or as technically fabulous as Darren's usual work but it's impossibly cute in that sparkly snowglobe way, reflecting how Christmas can be so artificial in a wonderful way. I love Christmas, I love this song and, as if there was ever any doubt, I love Darren! How could this be anything but utterly fabulous?

Monday, December 06, 2004

V - Fools  

Here is my favourite of the new songs on V's debut album (out now!) You Stood Up, for your immense listening pleasure. It's one of the track produced by Xenomania - both Brian Higgins and the artist formerly known as Moonbaby have writing credits, along with all of V and various other Xenomania types. It's a huge shame that this album's chart position wasn't exactly impressive, but don't let that stop you buying the album because there's plenty of good pop music on it. It's nothing extraordinarily original, but if you like boybands or just good proper pop songs, this is a highly necessary purchase.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Ark - Let Your Body Decide  

Here is a track from a band sometimes hailed as the Swedish Scissor Sisters. The only way to make the Scissor Sisters better would be to make them Swedish, so I had high hopes for The Ark and as you'll soon hear, I was right to do so. Their current single Tell Me This Night Is Over is at no.6 in the Swedish charts right now, but the band made up of Ola Salo (vocals), Jepson (guitar), Sylvester Schlegel (drums), Leari (bass) and Martin Axén (guitar), have actually been together since 1991 releasing records since 96. Let Your Body Decide was their first hit single, released in 2000, doing very well on Swedish radio and reaching no.9 in the charts. It was the follow-up It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane which really propelled the band to stardom, but LYBD is my favourite thanks to it's great lyrics and the squeaky bits before the chorus. It's incredibly catchy too!

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