Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Daze - Together Forever (The Cyber Pet Song)  

Reminiscing about the heyday of Barbie girls and doctors called Jones the other day, I suddenly remembered another Danish group who came out a little while after Aqua imitating their style and sound. There was a bald guy, a girl singer with blue hair and another guy who did nothing in particular. They had a big hit single in Denmark called Superhero Lover which they also released in the UK to no avail, but this song which I heard for the first time yesterday is definitely my favourite, especially for the way she says "Tamagoochi" instead of "gotchi" (which way is it supposed to be said?) and the bit where "Tama" has a conversation with "Goochi". It's complete insanity and I love it!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alda - Real Good Time  

Watching Celebrity X Factor last night I decided my favourite would have to be the hilarious bald chef (don't The Chefs remind you of LT United from Eurovision?) whose name is Aldo yet in a moment of confusion I called him Alda, and suddenly remembered this brilliant pop star of the 90s whose first single I bought on cassette. I put it on and was soon singing along as if I'd been listening to it every day, even though I'd actually not heard it for many years, but for some reason I can remember all the words of the first few pop songs I was a fan of. Alda was Icelandic and in the tradition of Bjork and Sylvia Night, she was quite mad but totally ace. She only released this and a second single called Girls Night Out, which was also good fun although not quite as good as this song.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Paolo Nutini - Loving You  

Time for something a bit more soulful, but bizarrely this guy is Scottish! He's tipped as a challenger to James Blunt, but I really hope he doesn't get that famous cos I don't want his lovely songs to be ruined by the revelation that he's a total idiot. Well, he might not be, but I don't want to risk it! Even though his voice is quite soulful, he still sounds Scottish which is quite weird, and even weirder he sometimes sounds like Chris Martin. Also, his name is a bit of a talking point since again it couldn't get much less Scottish (I think he's part Italian). As much as it'll annoy me I do think Paolo is going to do really well, so enjoy him now before it's all ruined. His first CD single (he has a download one out now called These Streets) is called Last Request and it's probably better than this one, but both are good and I've only got a live version of it, so download this but keep an ear out for the other as it's quite lovely. He's only 19, he's rather good looking (although his slight poutiness is a bad sign on the 'is he a twat?' front) - I think this guy has a lot going for him and I will be truly surprised if he's not had a top 5 album by the end of the summer. He even has the almost obligatory Crazy cover on his MySpace.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aneiki - Tell Me A Secret  

Eagle-eyed fans of top quality pop music should recognise the brown-coated man in that photo... it's The Other One from Savage Garden! His real name is Daniel Jones and Aneiki were a duo he worked with a short while after Savage Garden broke up. I've only got a few of their songs but they're all really good, so I had to just pick one at random to post here. As with all their songs, this is really catchy and just really nice to listen to. I wouldn't say it sounds particularly like Savage Garden (the girl is the singer, for a start) but if you liked them there's a good chance you'd like this too. Sadly the band fizzled out after a few singles and lead singer Jennifer's solo career doesn't seem to have gone anywhere. So I don't know what they're doing now but hopefully it involves making more great pop music like this.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way  

I mentioned my appreciation of this new single on Dirrrty Pop recently and received a comment suggesting I'd gone indie! Admittedly, this was from a person who seemed just to be annoyed that I had mocked new trashy girlband Mrs Robinson and if the pop world was entirely populated with acts like that I probably would go indie, but there's one problem with this theory - this song is without a doubt, entirely POP! It's much catchier than any of Mrs Robinson's output and the comparison in quality is ridiculous. The Kooks may be a bit indie themselves, but this song is so summery and catchy and at a stretch it could even be called the male version of the Pipettes, it's that jolly.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Kate Ryan - Only If I  

What a complete travesty! Out of my top 5 favourites, only 1 (Russia) got through to the Eurovision final, meaning the best song of the whole contest by an extremely long way did not, even though the three worst (Lithuania, Finland and Turkey) all did. To commiserate, I think a Kate Ryan retrospective is due and since I've posted her best French song here before, I'll give you her best English one. The two are equally ace, so if you love this I strongly recommend a download/purchase of her covers of Mylene Farmer's songs Libertine and Desenchantée as well. Only If I was from Kate's second album Stronger which she released in 2003. It's a fantastically catchy dance-pop song that sounds like a really exciteable version of Alice Deejay or Lasgo i.e. the best kind of dance-pop. I only hope Kate's involvement in Eurovision will at least give her career an extra boost (she's already popular in several European countries other than Belgium) if not the huge one she should have got when she gained her rightful place at the top of the scoreboard. I blame the lack of knee-swing, even though she promised me and all the Belgian fans who are just as obsessed with it, that it would be included. Still, with or without knee-swing, it was so far ahead of the comptetition, its ousting is just simply ridiculous!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bardo - One Step Further  

We all know the best Eurovision song ever is Waterloo - it just can't be debated - but you may be surprised to hear that the second best is a British entry. The first time I heard this song I couldn't help grinning like a very grinny thing, and it's had the same effect every time since. This is a song I will never get bored of and it never fails to get me in the Eurovision mood, which is rather handy since Eurovision, as I'm sure you can't fail to have noticed, starts tonight with the semi-final, which features such superstars as Silvia Night and Kate Ryan, who both must get through to Saturday's final or the world might end from the wrongness! One Step Further reached 7th place in 1982, far lower than the acetastic song deserves but sadly let down by poor vocals on the night due to nerves. If only it had won, I'm sure it would be considered the greatest British Eurovision entry of all time - Making Your Mind Up and Boom Bang-A-Bang have nothing on this piece of ecstatic fabulosity! And if you click here to watch a video of their performance, you'll find out just where Beyoncé got the idea for that Crazy In Love booty-shakin' from.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Joanna Pacitti - Let It Slide  

21-year-old Pennsylvanian Joanna Pacitti was last heard of when her song Watch Me Shine was featured on the soundtrack to Legally Blonde, and a great song it was too (I posted it here a while ago). She finally has a new single and I have to say I'm quite impressed. It's catchy but sophisticated pop in a style most comparable to Mandy Moore's 2nd and 3rd albums, but there's a surprise - after the first run-through of the chorus she then sings it again in a rock style! She then returns to pop and then back to rock after each chorus, ending in a big built up rocky pop crescendo of a final chorus. In theory it should be a mess but in practise it totally works! Amusing Joanna fact: in the 90s she played Annie in the musical of the same name but was fired leading to a big lawsuit and an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pipettes - Pull Shapes  

If this isn't my song of the summer, I shall be very surprised - it's certainly my favourite girlband song of the year so far. The Pipettes are a trio from Brighton whose fame has been growing over the last year culminating in this, their 3rd single, being released in June and their first album We Are The Pipettes in July. The Pipettes are not your typical pop girlband - they're usually seen in matching spotty dresses and their 60s sound is often compared to the bands produced by Phil Spector and accompanied with choreographed hand movements. They are bursting with exciteable girliness, but they still have heaps of feisty girl power. This song is my favourite of theirs and hopefully will be a huge hit. It reminds me of one of my absolute favourite Motown songs, Beechwood 4-5789 by the Marvelettes. It's great to have something this ace coming out of Britain, and since they're popular with lots of indie-type magazines, websites etc., they might even win over some new followers to the cause of poptasticness.

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