Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alda - Real Good Time  

Watching Celebrity X Factor last night I decided my favourite would have to be the hilarious bald chef (don't The Chefs remind you of LT United from Eurovision?) whose name is Aldo yet in a moment of confusion I called him Alda, and suddenly remembered this brilliant pop star of the 90s whose first single I bought on cassette. I put it on and was soon singing along as if I'd been listening to it every day, even though I'd actually not heard it for many years, but for some reason I can remember all the words of the first few pop songs I was a fan of. Alda was Icelandic and in the tradition of Bjork and Sylvia Night, she was quite mad but totally ace. She only released this and a second single called Girls Night Out, which was also good fun although not quite as good as this song.

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