Saturday, May 26, 2007

Remi Nicole - Rock 'n' Roll  

Following in the wake of Lily Allen, Kate Nash etc. is another cross-over urban-indie (or pop, as they all are really) girl from London, Remi Nicole. Rock 'n' Roll is a great story song, found on her MySpace. Her current single is Fed Up but this surely has to be next as it's bound to be her breakthrough hit, if she's going to have one. Whether there's room for her in addition to Lily and Kate will be seen in time, but this track about ditching r'n'b for r'n'r (even better would be ditching both for pop, of course) is lots of fun with funny fast-paced lyrics and a bouncy beat. I've also never heard a song name-checking Channel U (very low budget urban music channel on Sky) before!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hafdís Huld - Tomoko  

Ex-Gus Gus member Hafdís Huld has to be one of the cutest and acest people in music at the moment. She's a bit mad but in a very endearing way, and totally hilarious too. Her songs are cute poppy things with great lyrics such as "Ice cream is nice, Monsters are not" and "The scariest guy I've ever seen, Tries to smile but he still looks mean". If I was a songwriter my lyrics would probably be quite like Hafdís', so I think I've found a kindred spirit in this Icelandic poppet. Tomoko was a hit single in her home country and the ace video, which stars her best friend dancing in a catsuit, was nominated for an Icelandic Music Award - she also won an award for her album, the best pop album of 2006. I'm going to buy a copy now and see if it's true.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Under The Influence of Giants - Mama's Room  

I first heard of this band through #1 Hit on Another Planet, but to my detriment, didn't pay them much attention, until I found out that they would be the support act for Swedish pop/rockers The Sounds when I saw them live in March this year. I went on their MySpace and became almost instantly obsessed - half an hour later I had ordered their album and filled my mp3 player with their songs so I could get to know them all off by heart before the gig. They were fab live, and combined with The Sounds made it one of the best concerts I've been to in the last year (although nothing can come close to BWO), but when I received the album I was a little disappointed as the tracks I hadn't already heard weren't as ace as the ones I had. Still, they do have some fantastic songs and quite a varied atyle as well. This is one of their best and catchiest (fans of Maroon 5 or Christian Walz should pay extra attention), and was a single somewhere at some point, as it has a fabulous video. They are releasing another excellent song, In The Clouds, which is a bit of a rockier style, in the UK in the next few months, so hopefully they will soon be as huge as they deserve to be.

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