Friday, May 19, 2006

Kate Ryan - Only If I  

What a complete travesty! Out of my top 5 favourites, only 1 (Russia) got through to the Eurovision final, meaning the best song of the whole contest by an extremely long way did not, even though the three worst (Lithuania, Finland and Turkey) all did. To commiserate, I think a Kate Ryan retrospective is due and since I've posted her best French song here before, I'll give you her best English one. The two are equally ace, so if you love this I strongly recommend a download/purchase of her covers of Mylene Farmer's songs Libertine and Desenchantée as well. Only If I was from Kate's second album Stronger which she released in 2003. It's a fantastically catchy dance-pop song that sounds like a really exciteable version of Alice Deejay or Lasgo i.e. the best kind of dance-pop. I only hope Kate's involvement in Eurovision will at least give her career an extra boost (she's already popular in several European countries other than Belgium) if not the huge one she should have got when she gained her rightful place at the top of the scoreboard. I blame the lack of knee-swing, even though she promised me and all the Belgian fans who are just as obsessed with it, that it would be included. Still, with or without knee-swing, it was so far ahead of the comptetition, its ousting is just simply ridiculous!

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