Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bardo - One Step Further  

We all know the best Eurovision song ever is Waterloo - it just can't be debated - but you may be surprised to hear that the second best is a British entry. The first time I heard this song I couldn't help grinning like a very grinny thing, and it's had the same effect every time since. This is a song I will never get bored of and it never fails to get me in the Eurovision mood, which is rather handy since Eurovision, as I'm sure you can't fail to have noticed, starts tonight with the semi-final, which features such superstars as Silvia Night and Kate Ryan, who both must get through to Saturday's final or the world might end from the wrongness! One Step Further reached 7th place in 1982, far lower than the acetastic song deserves but sadly let down by poor vocals on the night due to nerves. If only it had won, I'm sure it would be considered the greatest British Eurovision entry of all time - Making Your Mind Up and Boom Bang-A-Bang have nothing on this piece of ecstatic fabulosity! And if you click here to watch a video of their performance, you'll find out just where Beyoncé got the idea for that Crazy In Love booty-shakin' from.

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