Monday, May 29, 2006

Paolo Nutini - Loving You  

Time for something a bit more soulful, but bizarrely this guy is Scottish! He's tipped as a challenger to James Blunt, but I really hope he doesn't get that famous cos I don't want his lovely songs to be ruined by the revelation that he's a total idiot. Well, he might not be, but I don't want to risk it! Even though his voice is quite soulful, he still sounds Scottish which is quite weird, and even weirder he sometimes sounds like Chris Martin. Also, his name is a bit of a talking point since again it couldn't get much less Scottish (I think he's part Italian). As much as it'll annoy me I do think Paolo is going to do really well, so enjoy him now before it's all ruined. His first CD single (he has a download one out now called These Streets) is called Last Request and it's probably better than this one, but both are good and I've only got a live version of it, so download this but keep an ear out for the other as it's quite lovely. He's only 19, he's rather good looking (although his slight poutiness is a bad sign on the 'is he a twat?' front) - I think this guy has a lot going for him and I will be truly surprised if he's not had a top 5 album by the end of the summer. He even has the almost obligatory Crazy cover on his MySpace.

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