Monday, November 22, 2004

Freeform Five - Ask Me Tomorrow  

Here is the 2nd song I'm posting from the Strangest Things album and as you will soon see it sounds like a totally different band. This one sounds like John Mayer if he was good and fun, or Maroon 5 with a different singer, but there is of course the tinge of electro fabulousness present in all their acetacular songs. Freefrom Five can even make mid-tempo guitar music sound incredible. This is probably one of the more serious songs on the album (no mention of 'your sorry ass' or 'panties'), but still is about having fun and putting off anything stressful til tomorrow. There's also a part where Cabba, who sings this one, sounds just like Jake Shears and there's another bit near the end where you think it's gonna break into Comfortably Numb, then it carries on in it's usual jolly singalong way. I still can't get over how good this album is and I doubt I ever will - all I can say is buy it now! These 2 songs are in no way representative of the whoke thing, just 2 of 12 completely different but brilliant in every way tracks.

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