Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chungking - Slow It Down  

I knew that Chungking had worked with Richard X, and as soon as I heard this track I knew (although I don't think it's actually been confirmed yet) it must be the product of that partnership, because a) it's fantastic, and b) it sounds like Kylie channeling Annie. If she hadn't opened her last album with a single called Slow, I would have suggested that everyone who has heard this so far had their memory wiped, so that Kylie could release it as her comeback single. She wouldn't even have to re-record the vocals, since it already sounds so much like her, particularly the way she sounded on I Believe In You. I love the lyrics and the Kylie-esque coyness. I don't know if I will be buying the Chungking album (the others I've heard haven't struck such a chord, and I was never quite on board with Goldfrapp anyway) but I'll definitely be listening out for the other tracks they've done with his royal X-ness.

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