Friday, June 29, 2007

Miley Cyrus - See You Again  

You may already know Miley as Hannah Montana. This track comes from the 2nd CD of her new double album - CD1 is Hannah Montan Series 2 Soundtrack, CD2 is Meet Miley Cyrus. Considering she's an American star who has sold absolutely loads of CDs workdwide, and this one is sure to be another huge hit, I must say I would expect better production than this, but the aceness of this song (especially the chorus) still shines through. Given to Xenomania or someone Swedish, this track could be amazing. I feel like it needs more music behind the chorus, or something like that. It's pure pop but somehow dark and more grown-up than you'd expect from a Disney star. The chorus has one brilliant line: "My best friend Leslie said, oh she's just being Miley". I wonder if her best friend is really called Leslie? I do hope so. You should also track down Let's Dance, which is very Blog 27!

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