Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vannessa Hudgens - Make You Mine  

Come Back To Me was quite a grower, but apart from that I was overall unimpressed by the contents of Miss Hudgens' debut solo album. That was until I heard this bonus track, which is totally ace and poptastic! The sound is best described as Rachel Stevens meets Lilyjets, an excellent combination if ever there was one. There's something very cute about Vanessa, but her sweetness can be almost sickly. Still, if she made more songs like this and less outdated faux-r'n'b, she could be a wonderful pop star. Promotions for High School Musical 2 (which premieres on the Disney Channel USA on August 17th) are already kicking in over the Atlantic, and I do hope it'll be posted on the Internet soon after cos I'm not patient enough to wait til it's on DVD or UK TV!

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