Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad  

The Rihanna album really is as good as everyone says, and deserves every bit of hype. I'm spoilt for choice with which song to post, but I've gone for this one, as it was the one that made me buy the CD as soon as I heard it. It's like Beyoncé's Irreplaceable but even better, also reminding me of TLC. Rihanna has crossed over from r'n'b/reggaeton to become one of the best popstars on the planet. Who could have guessed from Pon De Replay that she could become so monumentally ace? And best of all, it's not just us tasteful pop fans who are appreciating her newfound greatness, but the whole world as Umbrella takes it by storm! This is a great victory for pop.

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