Sunday, June 19, 2005

ITG Birthday Faves: Gavin Degraw - Just Friends  

Gavin Degraw is on his way up. All he needs is a TV advert to be shown in every ad break for the next 3 weeks and he'll be no.1 in the album charts, hopefully dethroning Coldplay. I posted this song over a year ago and I am still a huge fan - I even saw him live a few weeks ago! Since I posted this he has also become huge in his home country of America, although he has only released one single since (his current hit Chariot). One rather sad thing I found out this week is that Just Friends is one of the b-sides for the UK I Don't Wanna Be single, which is released on Monday (so BUY IT!), so it seems highly unlikely now that it will ever be a single. This is a big shame cos I really believe he would become an absolutely huge star if he released this song. It's soooo good and just the kind of song I can imagine doing phenomenally well. It's very special.

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