Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Gavin Degraw - Just Friends  

I am absolutely loving Gavin Degraw at the moment and this is one of many brilliant songs on his album Chariot. The single I Don't Wanna Be will be familiar to Americans, the Irish and possibly other foreigners who've caught an episode of One Tree Hill as it's the theme tune. If I had to describe his music with a comparison to another act I'd put him somewhere between Maroon 5 and grown up Hanson, without excess band members (or Ryan Dusick :(). It is, like Maroon 5, rocky-soul-pop, but overall these are just brilliant songs with great melodies and lyrics. This song, Just Friends, is a heartbreaking sing-along ballad. It's an angry song but it's sung with such sadness and gavin's voice sounds better than ever on it. If you like this I recommend a listen to Follow Through and I Don't Wanna Be (official site here) and a purchase of his album for just £11.95 here.

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