Monday, June 27, 2005

September - Satellites  

The very first song I posted on Into The Groove was September's 2004 Euro hit La La La (Never Give It Up), which was one of 3 hits she had last year, best known in her home country of Sweden and various Eastern European countries which also took a shine to her. I had almost forgotten about her until this weekend when first I heard a new cover version of her single We Can Do It on PWL Radio (if anyone knows who sings it I'd love to know), then later listening to Soundic Radio I heard her brand new single and this is it! If you like Elize, Natasha Thomas or the new Tina Cousins single (or all three as any sane person does), you will love this song, or even if you've never heard any of them but like a bit of girly dance-pop every now and then, this song is for you.

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