Sunday, May 23, 2004

K-otic - I Really Don't Think So  

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Avid fans of Dirrrty Pop (anyone?) and my fellow Euro pop obsessives might know this group as the winners of the Dutch combination of Popstars and Fame Academy, Starmaker and my favourite girl/boy group ever. Everything was decided by the fans, from the band members, the band name, the first single and even who should release a solo single (the winner was Sita, who'll be covered here soon no doubt). This track is one of many pieces of brilliant pop from K-otic's debut album Bulletproof (buy it here) and was actually shamelessly stolen by US Popstars Scene 23, who created a far inferior version. K-otic all have interesting voices which really suit the songs and although some of their singing talents are debatable, there is something really charming about their sound and this is such a cute, catchy mid-tempo love song, it's really the best I've heard of it's type. I just love it!

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