Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Precious - Rewind  

Now here is a true underrated classic of modern pop. Precious would be known to most as "that girl band from Eurovision" or "Jenny out of Atomic Kitten's old band", yet true pop fans know them best for this, their extremely poptastic second single. It was released in the days where it was basically the rules for pop songs to be written in Scadinavia or at least sound like it. I'm not sure which category Rewind comes under, but it's certainly one of the best pop songs of that time. Their other singles were very good too and they even got to release an album, which is now pretty hard to find but I have a copy of it and it is actually rather ace! Certainly a million times better than anything Atomic Kitten have done since Jenny joined, and as good as before the Kerry/Jenny swap. It's not just Jenny who has stayed in the limelight, although she has been the most successful. Anja (next to Jenny) is a model and ex-girlfriend of Duncan from Blue and the bubbly blonde of the group, Sophie, who seems to be the nicest of the bunch, is now one of the main CBBC presenters.

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