Sunday, June 05, 2005

Becca - Come And Get My Love  

I only downloaded this song in the first place because I'd heard a rumour that Rachel from K-otic did the vocals for it before K-otic. It was supposed to have been sung by a female singer (or not, as the case may be) called Becca, about whom I can't seem to find any information or pictures, but the rumour was that she didn't sing the song and it was in fact Rachel on the track. Anyway, the song is dance-pop in a style most similar to Alice Deejay and although I am a fan of their songs, I think this is way better. If you like Europop you will definitely love this. It's like a hidden classic that never was. Amazon suggests she released this and another single, You Make Me Feel (More and More) in the US and I've found that and yet another song called Tearing Up on my trusty p2p network. They both sound a lot like Come And Get My Love which suggests either Rachel sang them all or it really was Becca. I also just read on an Amazon review that the singer on You Make Me Feel is actually a man, but it is clearly not - how confusing can this get?! If anyone knows the truth I'd love to hear from you! As I couldn't find a photo of Becca, here's one of Rachel.

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