Thursday, June 03, 2004

Within Temptation - Running Up That Hill  

This is a cover of Kate Bush's classic by Dutch sextet Within Temptation and has caused many an argument between me and my Dad. I like the original but there is something about this version that I adore, while my Dad is a big fan of Kate Bush yet hates this. But don't worry about his opinion and download this anyway because it really is pure aceness and you don't even have to like the original to see that. It has theatrical vocals of an entirely different kind, has brilliant panpipes and is the sort of song you can help but sing (or yell as it really is) along to. Within Temptation are a pretty good, unusual band already but this is definitely my favourite song of theirs. They are a pretty hard band to describe. They sound a bit like Evanescence on this track, but are much more peaceful and hippy-ish with most songs about nature and fairytales.

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