Friday, May 05, 2006

Lillix - Lost & Confused  

The excellent new Lillix song posted on Arjan Writes has reminded me of how much I loved their first album. If you're a fan of such ace girl groups as The Veronicas, Lilyjets and The Like, you should definitely get yourself a copy or at least buy their new CD which is produced by one of the guys who worked on The Killers' last album, so it's sure to be worth hearing. I posted a song called Sick from their debut album in July 2004 but there are so many great songs on that CD, literally any of them could be posted. There are a few poppier numbers than this, but this one is so angst-tastic, and anyone who can make angst-rock sound like a good musical style should really be applauded. There's also a sense of madness in this song which cleverly fits the subject matter. If you want to hear something a bit more jolly, seek out their cover of the 80s pop-rock anthem What I Like About You.

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