Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lillix - Sick  

Lillix appear to be a girl band made up of 4 Avril Lavignes and their debut single It's About Time suggests the same, but a listen to their album Falling Uphill proves them to be cooler and more intelligent-sounding than that, with quite a gritty sound for a teen girl band but they are also rather good fun. The essential details are Lillix are interestingly-named and very mean-looking sisters Tasha-Ray and Lacey-Lee Evin and their friends Louise Burns and Kim Urhahn, they're Canadian and signed to Madonna's Maverick record label. It was hard to choose one song to post but I've gone for Sick for it's manic intro, shout-along bridge and nasty girl chorus, which ends with a fantastic "STOP!...Go on". It's just an all-round fabulous song!

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