Tuesday, March 21, 2006

LeAnn Rimes - Right Kind Of Wrong  

Posting a country song the other day reminded me of the very short moment in time when LeAnn Rimes was good. The moment only lasted about an hour and a half, or however long Coyote Ugly was, but this song has remained good even if she is now left to star in eczema adverts and present country versions of Pop Idol. In fact, I may even go as far as to say I like this more than Can't Fight The Moonlight, and I loved that song a lot already. If you haven't seen Coyote Ugly you really should because not only is it a great girly feel good film but it also stars the lovely and fabulous Adam Garcia dancing on a table, bringing back many a memory of when he was in Saturday Night Fever and when he released Night Fever as a single and went on TOTP. I even remember that it got to no.15 in the charts! Unless it didn't, in which case I don't remember. Anyway, back to the song I'm actually posting. It's LeAnn doing her best Britney impression and the results are fantastic - I really don't know why this wasn't released as the follow up to CFTM instead of that dreary slow one she released instead. Although it sounds a bit cheap compared to pop music now (amazing considering it must only be about 6 years old and it seems like yesterday - I'm getting OLD!), I love the dramatic music at the beginning and all the rhymes in the song are very pleasing to the ear, especially "I need your touch just too damn much!" See, you know just from reading it that it's gonna be great!
Edit: I just realised I posted this song before (here) but it's good enough to be posted again and if you didn't get it before make sure you do now!

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