Wednesday, April 13, 2005

LeAnn Rimes - Right Kind Of Wrong  

You will probably know this song from the scene where Piper Perabo mimes to it on her roof in Coyote Ugly, but I think it's such a great song that it deserves to be remembered. I never understood why this wasn't released after the success of Can't Fight The Moonlight. It's a similar style (Britney-esque pop) and just as good. It's almost enough to make me forgive her for duetting with Ronan Keating. I also love that her official site is called Rimes Times! If you've wondered what LeAnn has been up to recently, she has been presenting the country version of American Idol, Nashville Star (why couldn't Carrie Underwood have gone for that instead, then she wouldn't have to bore us all on AI) and has a new album called This Woman. She has also been taking part in a campaign called "living with eczema" - sounds exciting!

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