Saturday, September 03, 2005

BT - Shame  

Back to normal on Into The Groove (not that posting Swedish music is anything but normal for this site) and I have a whole backlog of songs to post. First up is a song by an artist who has appeared on this blog twice before, for his brilliant single Superfabulous, featuring Rose McGowan (yes, she sings!) and Scott McCloud from Girls Against Boys,and the track The Force Of Gravity featuring JC Chasez. BT (aka Brian Transeau) is also known for producing the song from which my other blog's name was taken, Pop by *N Sync, as well as the soundtrack of the film Monster. He has made 9 albums, which means a wealth of great and varied material and this song (from the US version of his 2000 album, Movement In Still Life and also the UK release Still Life In Motion - confusing, I know!) certainly sounds different to the other BT songs I've posted. It could almost be described as indie or a rock ballad, but thanks to BT still has a great pop spin on it with great lyrics, addictive catchiness and plenty of dramatic sound effects. It actually sounds very much like something one of my favourite discoveries of last year, Freeform Five, would make. It's a shame (no pun intended) that BT is not more recognised as one of the very best producers of modern pop music. He even sings on this track himself - a very talented man indeed!

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