Wednesday, May 11, 2005

BT ft. Rose McGowan - Superfabulous  

(Right click and 'save target as' - just a temporary solution so tell me if it's not working)
Rose McGowan was in the UK recently promoting that Elvis TV series she's in and she certainly seemed superfabulous in the interviews I saw. She is of course Paige from Charmed and is also known for dating Marilyn Manson (they were engaged). BT is also a name you should know as he was the producer of one of my favourite songs, Pop by 'N Sync. He released his own album Emotional Technology in 2003 on which was featured this song as well as The Force Of Gravity featuring JC Chasez, which is also excellent. This also links to the fact that the male singer on this song was a member of a pop group JC worked with called Boyz 'n' Girlz United - you might remember their song Messed Around from a few years ago. If anyone can work out what they're saying in the background, please tell me! It is a great song - like a less sexual (but even more catchy) version of Freeform 5's Strangest Things. Anyone who liked JC Chasez's solo sound would definitel enjoy this too.

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