Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Backstreet Boys - All Of Your Life (Need Love)  

RedOne has done two tracks for the new BSBs album, and it turns out that this one, which leaked recently, is even better than the single! I do love Straight Through My Heart, but All Of Your Life is my favourite song of those I've heard from the new album so far. I think I even like it better than Bigger, on which they reunite with Max Martin! The funny thing about All Of Your Life is that it's RedOne's most Swedish song ever. It sounds a bit like his usual sound, but the most striking similarity for me is to BWO! The backing music sounds just like them. In fact, if BWO did a song with RedOne, it would probably sound quite like this, and now I'm kind of sad that Nadir is so sought after now that he's unlikely to ever work with BWO...

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