Friday, July 10, 2009

Pixie Lott - Rolling Stone and Here We Go Again  

The most exciting thing about Pixie Lott's success is that we'll get to hear her album, which she worked on with some of the world's very best songwriters and producers. Among them is RedOne, aka Moroccan-Swedish Nadir Khayat, the hottest producer in the world at the moment. Two songs have leaked which RedOne produced for Pixie, so I thought I'd share them both with you. Here We Go Again is my favourite of the two, but they're both really catchy pop numbers which define Pixie as anything but the Duffy-for-kids image that Mamo Do unfortunately gave her. This is proper all out pop music, and these songs are the reason that I will defend Pixie in the face of all the music critics who, despite the current pop revival, still seem to see her 'stage school-ness' as a bad thing. I have to wonder if they are just jealous that she had success handed to her on a plate, signing such a massive record deal at such a young age, but her live performances show that she has the talent to pull it off. While she may not be the brain of Britain or have the most interesting of personalities, she's identifiable for the teenage girl audience, and most importantly, she's a vehicle for amazing pop music. Is that really something to complain about?

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