Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jessica Folcker - Crash Like a Wrecking Ball  

As a popstar who regularly worked with Max Martin in the early days of his brilliant career, I have often tried to get into Jessica Folcker's music, but I have never really managed it. Confusingly, none of the songs she did with Max really float my boat, but a recent random listen to some of her singles made me realise that my mistake was in only listening to her Max Martin productions. As crazy as it sounds, Jessica's best songs are not actually the ones she made with Max! Less crazy, however, is the fact that this one sounds remarkably like a Max Martin creation. One in particular springs to mind, and I'm sure you'll think the same as soon as you hear the intro to Crash: it's the BSBs' Larger Than Life! The lyrics are simplistic yet original (well, have you heard a song about a wrecking ball before?) and Jessica sounds like a force to be wreckoned with herself on this track. It's quite a contrast to the nice but unexciting ballads she seems to be best known for. Her recent album Snowflakes is well worth a listen, but much like her early work, I don't feel that it stands up to similar contemporaries like Annie and Margaret Berger.

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