Sunday, March 01, 2009

Velvet Inc. - Tricky  

Not to be confused with Velvet of Sweden (they changed their name to Velvet Inc. for that reason), this is a four-piece girl-group from Norway, and Tricky was their entry for Melodi Grand Prix 2009 i.e. the Norwegian Eurovision selection programme. Sadly they didn't win, and neither did my beloved Surferosa, but the aceness of the song remains. If you like Monrose, Elize or Lene Nystrom, then you should definitely give this a listen, as it belongs very much to that fun, girly disco-pop genre which is so dependable for poptastic brilliance. This is a super-catchy track, written by Hanna Sorvaag (who writes for The Saturdays), and I hope it's done well enough for the girls to get to release some more music. Norway has some great pop acts but few are pure pop like this (they usually have guitars or are proper electro-pop rather than disco-pop) so that could either mean there's a gap in the market for them, or Norwegians just aren't into this sort of thing. I do recall a friend going to Bergen and saying Norway was just like Sweden but less jolly, and therefore served little point. However, it gave us Margaret Berger, Annie, Bertine and so on, and is therefore very much deserving of its existence, in my book!

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