Thursday, March 19, 2009

V Factory - Love Struck  

I heard of V Factory sometime last year thanks to the brilliant US teenpop site Tommy2, and they had a few alright songs, but nothing too special. I forgot all about them until today, when I heard that they had a new single, and when I went to listen to it I knew instantly: this was a RedOne production! Not only was I right on that account, but it also turns out to be written by super-ace Swedish popstar, Darin! It's no surprise, as it sounds just like his style. There's one high note which is so uniquely Darin, I wonder if it is actually him singing. You might say that he is silly to give away a good song to another act, but actually he could potentially make a lot of money from it, since his own work is unfortunately not getting anywhere internationally, and until it does he won't make much from that. Songwriting credits on a US hit single, if this does turn out to be a success, will be absolutely worth giving away the song. As for V Factory, they have a few claims to fame of their own - one of them is in the remake of Fame released later this year, and another is Ashley Tisdale's boyfriend, a dancer in the HSM films. To be honest, I doubt they'll be more than the American answer to Avenue, but any new good quality boyband music is very welcome, as far as I'm concerned.

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