Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Servant - Liquefy  

One of the very best things about being completely obsessed with pop music, like I am, is that every so often an act who you liked years ago, without anyone else taking any notice, comes back and gets all the credit they deserve. It happened with Just Jack a few years ago (even Annie Mac, a supposed music expert, had no idea he's on his 3rd album now), and then last year the band formerly known as Dear Eskiimo became a huge success under the name of The Ting Tings. Now it's happening again with Dan Black, whose band The Servant I have loved since I first saw the video for Liquefy on long lost indie-pop music channel The Amp, back in 2005. The Servant were successful in France, Italy and Canada, but almost completely anonymous in the UK. When I heard of a new artist called Dan Black last year, I instantly recognised his super-distinctive voice, and, since the last Servant album was quite dull, I was extremely pleased to see him going back to a more poptastic sound. To be honest, I don't like his new stuff as much as the songs from The Servant's self-titled 2004 album, so it feels weird that he will probably do well with an album that currently seems unlikely to have anything as good as Liquefy on it. Oh well, at least it's an excuse to listen to the old songs again, and share them with a bigger audience, since no-one ever paid any attention when I professed their greatness years ago. If you like Liquefy, my next suggestion would be to listen to Orchestra and Cells, the other two singles, and the catchiest track, I Can Walk in your Mind. They're all amazing though, really, and the album's only £3.99 on CD Wow!!

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