Sunday, March 08, 2009

Royksopp ft. Robyn - The Girl and the Robot  

So, here's the much-anticipated collaboration between our darling Swede and Norway's coolest dance act. I have to admit I've only ever particularly liked one Royksopp song before, which was Only This Moment, although I enjoyed the Jacques le Cont remix of What Else Is There. This song is definitely as good as Only This Moment, and it's very nice to have something new from Robyn, since it's been 4 years now since her last album. Success is great of course, but I really miss getting new stuff from her. Please, please can we have a new album in 2009? The Girl and the Robot should go down well with fans of With Every Heartbeat, since it has Robyn doing her best emotional contemplation to an intense dance beat. Music like this demonstrates why people who think that dance music is just party music and has no real meaning or emotion are completely wrong. I, for one, find a song like this ten times more moving than guitar-based singer-songwriter music. Emotions don't jangle or plod, they rush and whir, and that's what a song like this conveys perfectly.

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