Monday, March 23, 2009

Måns Zelmerlöw - Home  

I think Måns Zelmerlöw must be obsessed with hos (or hoes). Strange way to begin a post, I know, but I have reason for my suspicions: All of the best songs on his new album begin with "Ho"! Hope and Glory of course, then the best ballad (Hold On) and the best upbeat song (Home). I thoroughly recommend Hold On, but I decided to post Home, cos I'm sure there are many readers of ITG who have no patience for ballads, but there is certainly no-one who dislikes an upbeat poptastic number like Home. If you do, you're clearly quite lost! Any fans of Black and Gold by Sam Sparro should definitely give it a go, as the backing music is very similar. The new album MZW is out on Wednesday, but you can hear all the songs already on his MySpace.

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