Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eva and the Heartmaker - Please!  

I thought I was feeling inexplicably cheery earlier, until I realised why - it was because I'd just discovered this super-ace and uplifting new song! Eva and the Heartmakers have released some fairly good singles over the past few years, but with Please! they burst into the realms of extreme poptasticness. Eva Weel Skram was a contestant from 2005's Idol series in Norway (she came 6th, with Jorun Stiansen becoming the winner), and after the show she joined forces with her husband, Thomas Stenersen, to form this duo. They're now on their second album, and Please! is their fourth hit single, currently at no.10 in the Norwegian chart. From their other songs, they seem like a cool, quirky pop band, but listening to Please!, the bands that come into mind are cheeky late 90s girl groups like Girl Thing and Fem@il! I could totally imagine them doing a song like this.

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