Sunday, March 29, 2009

Esmee Denters - Outta Here  

Esmee is a Dutch artist who's been in development for over 2 years, and finally she's releasing her debut single, which is co-written by her mentor, Justin Timberlake. Despite being Dutch and never having released anything before, she has millions of fans around the world, but unless you're the sort of person who can be bothered to listen to random people singing cover versions on YouTube, you probably won't have heard of her. It was Justin who decided to take up her cause after seeing her on YouTube (and noticing her millions of fans, of course), and with such high profile backing she was naturally hooked up with some of the world's best writers and producers. Her album includes work with RedOne, Greg Kurstin and Ryan Tedder, among others. If you have a RedOne song on your album and you don't release it, your actual lead single must be quite amazing, and although I think amazing may be a slight exaggeration for this one, I am very impressed. It reminds me a bit of Rihanna's Disturbia, but Esmee's voice is much more like Christina Aguilera. I do find her voice a little shrill sometimes, but the catchiness of the song makes it allowable. With Esmee and Erik Hassle, 2009 could well be the year for Europeans making it big! (ps. I don't think the growly monster voice is supposed to be there, but I can't find a version without it)

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