Monday, March 30, 2009

BWO - Rise to the Occasion & Thunderbolt  

Hooray, it's a new BWO album! I've been listening to it all morning and although I think it lacks the variety of my fave BWO album, Halcyon Days, it's a very enjoyable set of songs and certainly equal in quality to Fabricator. I picked these two songs to share with you (apologies for the low quality sound - I'll post better versions when I can) because they were the ones that instantly stood out for me, but of course my favourites are quite likely to change with the many more listens I plan to give this album. I do think, however, that both of these songs would have done better in Melodifestivalen than You're Not Alone did. Rise to the Occasion has a really catchy hook and I like the "woah-ohoh"s in the background. Thunderbolt is one of the danciest songs on the album, but that doesn't stop it having a random ballady bit in the middle! I love the menacing "don't you ignore my warning!" at the end. Is it just me or does Martin say "we don't need a Yorick, this night is historic" in the bridge? I can't think what else it could be! Hear the album in full here.

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