Monday, March 09, 2009

Ballas Hough Band - Do It For You  

Oh my God, it's the return of A1! OK, not really, but doesn't this sound just like them? I reckon they'd do quite well if they released a cover of this as a comeback single. Ballas Hough Band are quite a confusing entity. Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are both American but grew up together in London, along with Derek's sister, Julianne. They were taught ballroom dancing by Mark's famous parents, and also learnt to play instruments and sing. In 2007, they moved back to the US to take part in Dancing With the Stars as professional dancers. In 2008, Julianne released a country album and it did extremely well, so now Mark and Derek are set to release an album with their band, Ballas Hough Band. This is the lead single, and it's refreshingly poptastic, so I'm looking forward to hearing their album when it's released on the 10th of March. You can hear 3 more songs on their MySpace and they're quite varied. Devastated is more like Ben Adams' solo work than A1, while Fall and Breakthrough are much rockier, but Breakthrough especially has a great early-'00s pop chorus.

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