Saturday, February 21, 2009

Juliana Joya - Better Be Good  

Juliana is an Italian singer now living in New York, and her music sounds like it could have easily been written by Dr Luke, but as far as I can tell she hasn't worked with any major writers. She doesn't even have a record deal, yet this song is as accomplished as anything by The Veronicas or Kelly Clarkson. The chorus is really catchy and the whole song is very well constructed. I think Juliana Joya could be a huge popstar in the making... or she could just be the new Lucy Woodward or Lucy Walsh (hmm, Lucy isn't a very lucky name, is it?). There are a few other good ones on Juliana's MySpace, especially Dance All Night and electro-r'n'b Shackles, but this is the clear standout. I will be following her career with great interest.

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