Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Yeah Yous - If I Could  

I have discovered a fantastic new band... and they're BRITISH!! They're actually a male duo, and so far they are so unknown that they have never ever been listened to according to Last FM. So they may not be quite on the brink of stardom, although they do have a major record deal and an album released this year. The Yeah Yous have what I loved about The Feeling, which Dan and co.'s recent material has sadly been lacking. The music is so jolly, catchy and fun (even their manager is called Adrian Jolly! I'm so envious!), giving off a lovely, positive vibe, helped especially by the vocal harmonies which show off the influence of the Beach Boys on the group. Fans of Alphabeat should definitely give them a try. It certainly is a great year so far for cheery pop - let's hope 2009 has started as it means to go on! The only problem at the moment is that their name is written all over their website ungrammatically, as "The Yeah You's". It's all quite upsetting, and an e-mail about it will definitely be heading Mr Jolly's way to save them any further embarrassment.

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