Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Karl Wolf - Princess  

Many months ago I promised a post on Karl Wolf, and here, in typical procrastinator style, it is! He is a Lebanese-born Canadian popstar who also writes and produces music for other acts, such as Émily Bégin, whose brilliant single Au Grand Jour I posted in 2008. He has also worked with Taio Cruz and appears on a version of Taio's album track Driving Me Crazy. Princess is an electro-r'n'b song, but it's not much like Ne-Yo or Kanye West. It's pure cheesy pop, although I'm not sure it was entirely meant to be. With lyrics like "she's my special princess", it's kind of unavoidable. It's very summery and sweet, and super-catchy. The act it reminds me of most is the 90s boyband Ultra - this could easily be by them. I haven't been so impressed by his other solo work, but if he's capable of this as well as Émily's ace album, then he's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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