Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Danny - Just Like That  

I was really disappointed with Radio, the lead single from Danny's second album, and the next single Need To Know was equally underwhelming and disturbingly high-pitched. It sounds like a Bosson album track, and I love Bosson but let's just say he picks his singles wisely. Anyway, after much procrastination, I eventually listened to the rest of the songs on the Danny album and thankfully found that some of them were just as good as the classic Europop anthems we know Danny for, Tokyo and Play It For The Girls. The one I instantly loved was Just Like That (featuring Swedish rapper Lazee, who's lived in London, hence the accent), so I was very excited to find that it will be the album's third single. Better late than never! It is like a dancier and cheesier version of Darin. My other favourite is Kiss You All Over, and Utopia and Emely are pretty good. Overall I'd say it's just as enjoyable as his last album - he's just sold it terribly, but thanks to his current prominence as member of Sweden's only (and therefore very popular) boyband, EMD, he is doing very well anyway.

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