Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Annie Lennox - Shining Light  

You would think that someone covering an Ash song and making it sound a bit like Texas would not be the most amazing thing ever, but actually Annie's cover of Shining Light is quite brilliant. It's fantastically jolly, bursting with joy, and adds more of a soulful twist to the song than a girly one. Most of these covers of recent songs by other artists are nothing special, but every so often there is one which totally works and this is a great example of that. Knowing the song already makes the love for the cover instant, if it's a good new version. I didn't expect to be posting a new Annie Lennox song before I posted another by Annie, but it's nice when life surprises me like that. Apparently a video is being made, so this will probably be the new single. Also, if you want to hear another ace Ash cover by a girl, head over to Emmy the Great's MySpace for her version of Burn Baby Burn.

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