Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Darin - Girl Next Door  

Have we stepped into a parallel universe where I am the ruler of Planet Pop? It seems quite possible right now, as I just discovered that something has happened which is way too ace to happen in the real world: Darin's new album has a song on it which is a re-write of Just Dance by Lady GaGa! Rather stupidly, Just Dance is only just becoming a mega-hit in the US, and is starting on its way to it in the United Kingdom of Slowcoaches now, but ever-sensible Sweden has been boogying to it since the summer, and I for one have been obsessed since April. I won't give away quite yet where Just Dance will be on my chart of the year (soon to be posted on Dirrrty Pop), but it's certainly going to be near the top, so the news that one of my favourite artists has done a version of it is exciting news indeed. Of course it's not quite up there with the original, but it's still one of the album's highlights, and I'd trade a random filler track for a new version of an amazing song any day! I wonder if Darin actually made his song first, as Moroccan-Swedish Nadir Khayat aka RedOne (who wrote and produced Just Dance and Girl Next Door) had his first success with Step Up by Darin. It was clear from Darin's second and third albums that there was something special there, and while Darin isn't famous worldwide, Nadir is getting to be.

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