Wednesday, November 05, 2008

t.A.T.u - Fly on the Wall  

Last week, everyone's favourite Russian fake lesbians released a new album for download, There is a mixture of Russian and English-language tracks, the latter including You and I, as heard in the trailer for their film of the same name. The album is nothing like as good as their last, Dangerous and Moving, but this song is one of the best, and in fact one of the poppiest, songs t.A.T.u have ever done. It's really catchy and intricate, with a quite commercial poppy melody, but retaining the distinct t.A.T.u sound so it avoids sounding like any other current pop act. There is supposed to be a full English-language album coming out at some point, so I hope it really happens. I also can't wait to see this film of theirs - it looks gloriously terrible!

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