Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sam Taylor - Run Away  

Sam Taylor is a new young male artist who is being managed by William Baker, fashion designer and close friend of Kylie Minogue. William's last foray into music was the very unsuccessful (despite having Siobhan Donaghy in it) Rent Remixed, but he could do at least a bit better this time, as Sam Taylor's a great singer and this song is excellent. It features, along with another of Sam's songs called Sometimes I Need You (and Jolene, as I posted the other day), on the soundtrack to the BBC series Beautiful People. The song was a clever choice, because the show is set in the '90s, and although this is a new song, it does sound very 90s. I could imagine East 17 or even Take That having sung it. It's better than the new Take That song, actually! I'm looking forward to hearing more from Sam, so I hope he's not one of those acts who just disappears and is never heard from again. Being on this soundtrack doesn't seem to have got him much notice yet, as this song only has 2 listeners on Last FM so far!

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