Monday, November 24, 2008

Émily Bégin - Au Grand Jour  

I've never delved much into the Canadian pop scene, but recently I've heard some interesting singles by French-Canadian acts. First of all I heard about an r'n'b singer called Karl Wolf, who I am going to talk about soon, but before that I want to present to you the best French-language song I have heard since my discovery of Yelle early this year. Émily Bégin was one of the contestants on the first series of Star Académie in 2003, and has since released 2 albums. Both of them have been co-produced by Karl Wolf, but EMILY (the second album, released 2007) seems to be the most poptastic, giving us Au Grand Jour and Laissez-Moi Danser, among other aceness. Émily, who looks like a mix of Britney and Madonna, is very glam in the video, which caused some controversy with its inclusion of gay couples (male and female). It's a lot more provocative than the new Boyzone video, but I don't see any angry Irish vicars chasing after Émily! I must also recommend a visit to her website, so you can hear her fab French verson of Don't You Want Me.

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