Sunday, November 02, 2008

James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings  

When I read that James Morrison's new single featured Nelly Furtado, I presumed that he was only releasing it because of her presence, and certainly didn't expect it to be any good. Well, I was wrong - it's actually amazing! I really love it when I discover a brilliant song unexpectedly, and I'm very excited about this one, because due to being a duet between two sucessful artists, it actually has a chance of being as big as it deserves to be. I only wonder why no-one informed me of it earlier? It's one of those songs which starts off well, and builds into aceness, so at first I was thinking "well, it's not too bad", then "this is rather good actually", and culminating in the old favourite, "oh wow I love it!" It sounds like Take That's new single should sound, if they want a chance at the Xmas no.2 with it (obviously the no.1 is irretrievable now from X Factor). This is definitely James' best song, and one of Nelly's best as well - just a really well-written, very commercial, heartfelt pop song. Hooray for both of them!

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